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Here, we will dash off a line or two about cheery topics, share cooking recipes, observe the dressing style of the modest wife, and chat about good manners.

We'll keep it light and de-lightful.

So ladies, please stay patient while we try to enlist some guys from the Stepford Men's Organization to erect this website.

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Stepford Wives Organization celebrates the male as head-of-our-household, and the traditional family unit. We believe the traditional family is still a good, sound idea that can be brought into this modern day and age alongside new living arrangements.

Stepford Wives Organization is a website that supports the idea of the homemaking wife who is not only the cheery domestic goddess, but a fantastic dresser, neat as a pin, a lady with good manners, and a gracious, well-behaved, obedient wife who always puts her man first.

Stepford Wives Organization supports and promotes the Stay-At-Home-Mother.

Stepford Wives Organization celebrates the good housekeeping days of the 1950s.

Stepford Wives Organization also believes in the freedom for anyone and everyone to pursue their dreams. We never have a cross word to say about other people's decisions to lead their lives. If we have an opinion- which is seldom- we speak quietly to our husbands in the privacy of our homes. If we have an opinion on the matter, it would be our husband's opinion.

Stepford Wives Organization believes that we should strive and spend all our free time to look pretty, since women at Stepford are meant to be seen, not heard. We keep silent and speak only when we are complimenting and admiring our husbands.

Stepford Wives Organization doesn't understand the Feminist movement and women's choice to stray outside the home into the harsh professional world of men, but we do support the women who have jobs outside their homes, IF they have been told to do so by their husbands and given the permission.

Stepford Wives Organization believes that as women, we should regard and revere our husband's decisions as the final, penultimate authority in our lives. Our husbands are our fashion advisors: they decide what we wear. They are our food critics: they tell us what we cook well and what we should and should not cook. They are our political advisors: they decide how we should vote. They are our intellectual guides: they tell us what and how we should think.

Stepford Wives Organization believes that as a women, we should accomodate our husbands by allowing them full access privileges to our physical assets. We never think about physical pleasure for ourselves: we save our states of arousal for our husbands and refrain from any self-attention when our husbands are absent or present. We believe that each day, we should preserve our purity for our husbands to possess on their whim. Our husbands, as men, have sole access to our bodies. We have been taught from a long tradition that we, as wives, have no rights to expect or ask for physical gratification.

Stepford Wives Organization believes in deferring to our men and letting them make all the decisions that affect us and our households.

Stepford Wives Organization believes our men are always right, and we gals are, as Pope Gregory I once said "slow in understanding and our unstable and naive minds render us by way of natural weakness to the necessity of a strong hand in our husbands. Her 'use' is two fold; [carnal] sex and motherhood."

Stepford Wives Organization is in no way associated with any fetish, transgender, deviant or alternative lifestyle groups. We do NOT support any fetish, transgender, gay, deviant or alternative groups. We do NOT support roleplaying, fantasy, or bdSM play. We promote traditional family values and a positive attitude towards marriage. Stepford women believe in a clean way of life that promotes a healthy environment for marriage and children.

Stepford Wives Organization believes our men are No.1. They are our protector, our knights, and, in Helen B. Andelin's words, "The kingpin around which all other activities of our lives revolve."



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